Add Security to Your Account with Positive Pay

Make your account even more secure by signing up for Positive Pay. Positive Pay allows you to upload banking files to your online bank account, where they are compared against your account activity. If they don’t match, you’ll be notified the next day via a message in your online bank account. By signing up for Positive Pay you are more likely to catch fraudulent activity in your account sooner than later.

Positive Pay is part of our Elite Digital Payments service, an enhanced for of Digital Banking. To learn more about Elite Digital Payments, click here.

Set Up Positive Pay Today!


How much does it cost?

Our Positive Pay service is FREE. Simply contact us and we’ll be happy to help you set it up.


How often do I need to send files for comparison?

You’ll need to send a file for comparision by 5:00 pm on each day that you make one or more payments. Any payments made after 5:00 pm will count as being made on the next day.


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